Postcards From Midlife

By Lorraine Candy & Trish Halpin

What's Postcards From Midlife about?

Are you living in a hormonal hothouse battling it out with your teens while the dog, cat and husband look on? You're not alone. 
Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin have been editing glossy magazines for more than two decades, helping support women through all aspects of their busy lives. Between them the duo have six children, two dogs, one cat and two husbands. And this time, they’re the ones asking for help. 
Join Lorraine and Trish as they consult the experts on parenting teenagers during the great midlife unravelling in this weekly podcast. Sharing their mid-life journeys, from the menopause to reinvention, and living with angst-ridden teens they cover it all.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Tummy fat be gone! With You...


Trish and Lorraine meet Lucy Wyndham-Read who is on a mission to solve weight and body dilemmas for midlife women as well as showing how exercise can relieve peri-menopause symptoms. Lucy also shares her story of living with lasting trauma ...

Postcards From Midlife episodes: