Put Your Intentions Into Action - Daily Rituals For The First Week Of The Year

01.01.2021 - By Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart

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Happy New Year! As we say goodbye to 2020 and step into 2021 committed to our goals, dreams and visions for the year, how can we actually put our plans into action?
Join Rachel as she leads you through daily rituals for the first week of 2021 - the most important week of the year! This is a critical transition that you can use to your benefit. You will learn how to structure your days with sacred rituals and action items to bring your dreams into reality by revisiting your word, intention, and affirmation and turning them into a plan.
It’s a great week to rise early and prioritize sleep, to drink more water, eat healthy foods, work with your intentions, make action plans, and begin the groundwork of turning your visions into reality. Remember, the universe wants life to work out for you! If you are clearly aligning with what you want to call in, you can manifest the life of your dreams. Tune in to get started.
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