Regenerative agriculture with Ryland Engelhart and Finian Makepeace

06.17.2020 - By Plant Proof - Evidence based nutrition

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In Episode 105 I sit down with Ryland Engelhart and Finian Makepeace from Kiss the Ground to talk continue with this theme of how our food system, and food choices, are affecting the health of our planet.

In this episode we cover:

•What regenerative agriculture is
•How it differs from sustainable, organic and biodynamic farming practices
•The problem with industrial agriculture
•Why tilling is a problem
•Cover crops and carbon sequestration
•Holistic grazing including White Oak Pastures
•Dietary shifts
•Why it's so crucial we change the way we farm
•and much more


Black Lives Matter movement

•Teaching children about racism
•How we can support the black lives movement

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