The Angie Lee Show

The Angie Lee Show

By Angie Lee


What's The Angie Lee Show about?

This is where giggles meets girl chat and where personal development meets talking shit in the girl’s bathroom. Oh and backyard butthole sunning because honestly Tina, LIVE A LITTLE.

Get a big sister pep talk that will light a fire under your booty or listen to the hotline where Angie will give you no-bullshit advice on all things career, wellness or if you should dump sucky Brad.

Weird, vivacious & funny as hell, Angie is a college & corporate dropout turned serial entrepreneur who decided to screw the rules & forge her own path. She will give you a kick in the panties to do the damn thing and inspire you to have more fun.

She really gives a damn about your joy & believes with her ENTIRE vageen that “ready” is a lie.

Prepare to chat the hilarities and realities of womanhood and not take life too seriously.

Buckle up, BabyGrandma...let's get weird.

Submit your (juicy question) or story to the hotline at



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