What If It's Not Just You? Ancestral Trauma and Honoring Where You Came From

05.14.2021 - By Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart

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Where you come from is rooted deep within you, for better or for worse. No matter where you go or how far you run, home will always call you back. For those of us that left on purpose, this can be really hard to face. But, returning to basics and reconnecting with your roots can lead to some surprising discoveries. 
In this week’s episode, Rachel has been looking into her ancestry and made a surprising connection. The forest she walks, the water she swims in, and the land where she has found peace, is the same land her ancestors lived on hundreds of years ago. Our ancestral roots run deep - deeper than our parents and grandparents. What does this mean for Rachel, who has been trying to heal familial hardships her entire life?
Our ancestry is found in our triggers, in our awareness, and in our reactions. It’s the plants we recognize from our childhood and the soup our grandmothers used to make. It’s who we are at our core, memories all interwoven on a land that both holds us and brings us to our knees. But, can we say we’ve healed if we never return? Today’s episode will help you honor the land you come from and connect to a long line of ancestors that came before and are still looking to heal through you.
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