Daily Dad on Getting Help and Optimizing Time With Your Kids

05.28.2022 - By The Daily Dad

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On today’s episode of the podcast, Ryan talks to his friend and writing partner Nils Parker about how to think about spending time with your kids. Grab your exclusive NordVPN deal by going to nordvpn.com/dailydad to get a huge discount off your Nord VPN plan+ Free threat protection + 1 additional month for free. It’s completely risk free with Nord’s 30 day money back guarantee. Pair Eyewear’s base frame and magnetic top frame combination makes it easy to switch up your style. Go to paireyewear.com/DAILYDAD for 15% off your first purchase. Ritual is a multivitamin that delivers high quality nutrients, including Vitamin D3, in just 2 daily pills. Get key nutrients without the B.S. - Ritual is offering listeners 10% off during your first 3 months. Visit ritual.com/DAILYDAD to start your Ritual today. Sign up for the Daily Dad email: DailyDad.com Follow Daily Dad: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

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