Dr. T. Colin Campbell on The China Study, and the link between animal protein and cancer

07.11.2019 - By Chris Beat Cancer: Heal With Nutrition & Natural Therapies

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Click for full interview, show notes, and links  T. Colin Campbell, PhD has spent the last 60 years researching nutritional science, primarily on the association between diet and disease, particularly the link between animal protein and cancer. He is most famous for co-authoring The China Study – one of the most comprehensive studies of health and nutrition ever conducted, and recognized by The New York Times as “The Grand Prix of epidemiology”. Dr. Campbell is a titan in the nutritional science, diet and lifestyle medicine, and health and wellness worlds. He has authored over 300 research papers, and has had a monumental impact on millions of people, influencing education, public policy, and laboratory research. We had some technical issues with the video connection so this interview is audio only. Enjoy! Show Notes -Discovering the link between animal protein and cancer [02:52] -What convinced Dr. Campbell to adopt a whole food plant-based diet [07:42] -Milk protein casein fueling cancer growth [8:37] -Aflatoxin - the most potent chemical carcinogen ever discovered [9:15] -Animal protein influences cancer more than genes [10:45] -Plant protein vs animal protein in the body [15:17] -Uncovering geographical differences in disease rates [19:02] -The zero-sum game of animal foods vs plant foods [24:39] -The impact of Dr. Denis Burkitt on epidemiology [25:52] -The link between breastfeeding and cholesterol levels later in life [27:35] -The difference between taking vitamin C and eating an apple [31:43] -The case against reductionism [35:21] -85% of new drugs are off the market within a few years [38:29] -The problem with statins [39:09] -Dr. Esselstyn's study on reversing heart disease with nutrition [41:41] -The future of nutritional medicine [44:08] -Why doctors don't know anything about nutrition [45:29] -How the food and drug industry influence U.S. dietary guidelines [47:20] -How eating the wrong foods affects the environment [52:28] -Using food to treat disease [58:49] -Dr. Campbell's ideal diet [01:02:40] -Exciting upcoming projects for Dr. Campbell & family [01:04:03] Resources from the interviewThe China Study - Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health Whole - Rethinking the Science of Nutrition The China Study Cookbook The PlantPure Nation Cookbook Nutritionstudies.org(Dr Campbell's website) Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn on How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with Nutrition    

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