Embrace Your Real

By Julie Ledbetter

What's Embrace Your Real about?

Welcome to Embrace Your Real with me, Julie Ledbetter, a podcast where I empower you to just be you. My hope for you is to stop hating your body, picking a part every flaw, questioning your worth, doubting your strength, making excuses, and constantly starting over.

I get it, I’ve been there. I know it feels like an impossible cycle to break, but let me tell you: I’ve successfully broken the decade long struggle, and over the last 8 years I have helped thousands of other woman do the same. I know it’s possible and that’s why I am here to ensure you do, too!

Every episode, I dish you a dose of real talk and actionable advice for building the body you want, creating unshakable confidence and embracing your authentic self.

Each week I share my secrets on how to honor your body with movement, nourish your body with exactly what it needs, and give you transformative mental shifts that will help you show up for your life in a powerful way.

Are you ready to embrace your real? Let's get it, let's go!

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