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What's Leaving Eden Podcast about?

A podcast about the IFB Cult as told by survivor Sadie Carpenter, with her co-host Gavri'el HaCohen. This podcast covers the IFB, the history of the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement, other cults, other religions, and the real and present threat that cults and cult ideologies pose to society as a whole. Our goal is to promote freedom of mind, freedom of thought, and freedom of religion.

General Content Warning: In general we talk about a lot of potentially triggering topics on this show, including but not limited to suicide and mental health, racism, misogyny, PTSD and PTSD symptoms, child abuse, mental, physical, and sexual abuse, and spiritual abuse including guilt, shame, and fear. In most episodes we’ll mention at least a few of these topics, but we try very hard to avoid graphic detail unless it’s relevant to the story we’re telling, and we do our best to give the audience a heads-up before going into detail on any of these topics.

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