Q&A 433: Secrets Of The Centenarians, A New Anti-Aging Molecule, When Exercise Is Bad For You, Does Your Metabolism Slow Down & Much More.

08.14.2021 - By Ben Greenfield Life

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News Flashes  Attention longevity enthusiasts: this article is pure gold...05:15 Intense exercise causes mitochondrial damage even in elite athletes...15:30 Fascinating...simply feeding these mutant worms cardiolipin restored mitochondrial function and worm health in these strains - new anti-aging molecule?...20:30 Dieting and working out a lot? Low carbohydrate availability, within-day prolonged periods of low energy availability (LEA), insufficient intake of bone-building nutrients, lack of mechanical bone stress & psychogenic stress all can cluster pretty fast, so be careful. Good paper here...27:30 Kinda scary how much people pay attention to their personal trainer's PHYSIQUE vs. education/certification/results, etc. when it comes to choosing a trainer. Hence, ignorant or incompetent Instagram personal training "stars" being so popular...yet often ineffective...35:55 Good one - 11 Expert Tips to Stop Being a People Pleaser and Start Doing You...41:40 Upcoming Events: Las Vegas Keto Expo (October 15-16, 2021). Ben will be speaking at the Las Vegas Keto Expo along with 13 other keto experts. The first 300 guests to register here will get a free drink chip for the poolside party and a free t-shirt. Keep up on Ben's LIVE appearances by following bengreenfieldfitness.com/calendar Special Announcements... -The Boundless Cookbook: Optimize your physical and mental performance with nutritious and delicious Greenfield family recipes. This is your roadmap to a culinary journey that includes ancient food and wild game preparation tactics, biohacked smoothies, meat rubs, cocktails, desserts, and beyond—without any restrictive diet, limited ingredients, or tasteless “health foods”!  Order yours today here! Check out Ben on Instagram for epic posts and photos about his morning, day, and evening routines, recipes, and much more! Follow Ben on Twitter for daily news flashes and the latest health, fitness, and anti-aging research. Join Ben's Facebook page for conversations with listeners and even more useful information, posts, and support! This podcast is brought to you by: -Seed Daily Synbiotic -Organifi Red Juice -Kion Clean Energy Bars -Paleo Valley Beef Sticks Listener Q&A;: Q: What are some of your best practices to do calorie refeeds?....53:40 Q: Would a food allergy affect the HRV while doing a 5-day fasting mimicking diet?...58:45 Q: How does intermittent fasting affect H1C and insulin levels?...1:07:40 Copious show notes, including efficacious links and articles that are guaranteed to reduce the deleterious effects of a mundane life, can be found at bengreenfieldfitness.com/433

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