Episode 522: Sarah K Ramsey. Understanding Toxic Relationships

05.17.2021 - By The Trauma Therapist

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Sarah K Ramsey is a Toxic Relationship Specialist, Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner who helps amazing women remember how amazing they are after enduring the pain of a toxic partner or parent. Sarah works with women who have experienced toxic relationships and who remain stuck in a cycle of pain and confusion to transform their minds and lives by taking back their power, recreating a life they are excited about living and bringing renewed energy, clarity, and excellence into establishing careers and relationships they love.  Sarah’s work has been featured in the Emotional Abuse Recovery and Resilience Summit, Healing Narcissistic Trauma Conference, Medium, Thrive Global, The Elephant Journal and The Courageous Woman Summit.      In This EpisodeSarah's website Becoming Toxic Person Proof, Sarah K. RamseySarah’s email: [email protected]

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