Addicted to Instagram? Tech wellness - August Brice #250

12.09.2019 - By Zestology: Live with energy, vitality and motivation

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In this podcast we look at 3 tech toxins, and sort them out. TECH TOXIN 1: ADDICTION A dependency on our screens is a real and growing problem. I know this from my own addiction to looking at nonsense on my smartphone. TECH TOXIN 2:  RADIATION & BLUE LIGHT There are now more cell phones than people on earth, and every single one of them emits EMF electromagnetic radiation.  Add cell towers, WiFi,  and smart devices and we're blanketed with invisible waves.   Studies show EMF radiation has a biological impact.   TECH TOXIN 3: PRIVACY STEALERS Our personal information, where we go online and what we say or do while were there can be archived, shared or sold.

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