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By Dr. Stephanie Estima

What's Better with Dr. Stephanie about?

This show is for high performing women who want to have BETTER bodies, BETTER minds, BETTER relationships, BETTER sex, and BETTER families. I love taking complex science and making it easy to integrate into daily life. Every week I’ll be giving you access to world-class scientists, medical doctors, plastic surgeons, professional athletes, Olympic athletes, Hollywood actors, parenting coaches, sex experts, and psychologists. I am always looking to answer this question: What are the simplest things we can do today, to get better tomorrow? I am part geek, part magic, and it’s my mission to be the voice for women...Let’s get better together.

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Flexible Dieting, Protein &...


In this episode, we talk about the various approaches to dieting and Alan’s recommendation which he calls “Flexible Dieting”. We also dive deep into protein (consumption, timing, and types) as well as other aspects of the complex world of nutrition.

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