#278: Case Study: How an Accidental Course Creator Generated Over $200K with Just One Launch

08.29.2019 - By Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

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Would you believe me if I told you that one of my star students generated well over 6 figures on her very first launch? Would you believe me if I also told you that student was an elementary school teacher? How about a mother of five?  Well, friend, I’m here to tell you that Jamie Sears did just that. It all started when Jamie’s hubby listened to a podcast episode about courses and nudged his wife to have a go at creating one.  Jamie resisted at first. At that point, she didn’t even have a solid course idea. What really lights me up about this story is that Jamie didn’t let uncertainty or lack of clarity stop her from taking action. She saw the possibilities a course would offer and she moved forward one step at a time.  Tune and and learn all about… [05:16] The grassroots origins of how Jamie created online resources for her students, and other teachers started asking her for help [07:02] There were so many questions that Jamie felt like she should make a course about writing. Her husband recommended that she join the Digital Course Academy.  [09:38] Jamie went where her students hung out, listened to their questions, and did Facebook Lives when her audience was still small. She kept showing up.  [13:30] Jamie not only got huge results in Digital Course Academy, but she followed the framework and made it her own as she progressed. [15:20] Jamie’s wall of post-its and what her kids helped her see about her course [17:58] How Jamie grew her list by 7000 new subscribers during her launch (without spending a ton on ads) [24:39] Jamie’s mind-blowing pricing and results [27:15] How Jamie got testimonials before her launch was even through [51:01] Don't try to do what everyone else does just go to where your people are already at. 

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