#317: Cut the BS and Keep Fitness Simple with Fighter Diet author, Pauline Nordin

12.02.2019 - By Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggia: Fitness | Nutrition | Lifestyle | Strength Training | Self Help | Motivation

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Pauline Nordin has an incredible and inspiring transformation story.    As a teen she struggled with body image and eating disorders.  At one point she weighed an extremely low 85 pounds.    Her life took a turn for the better when she started going to the gym. Motivated by the fitness models she saw on magazine covers, she took control of her life through fitness and proper nutrition.    Within only three years of training, she not only transformed her physique, but she also became a fitness athlete and competitor.  She won her first show at the age of 20.    Inspired by the amazing benefits she experienced, she dedicated her life to helping others transform through fitness.    She is an international fitness model and the author of "The Fighter Diet," and other popular books. She's also the creator of the online fitness coaching program "Body by Pauline," and host of the podcast, "No BS with Nordin".    If you want to experience your own life transformation through fitness, listen as we discuss:   How controlling what she put into her body helped Pauline take control of her life.  [8:04] The moment when she hit a crossroads in her life. [12:39] How her patience helped her succeed early on in the gym. [13:52] The wakeup call she experienced when first coming to the United States. [20:44] The BIG idea that changed her life. [23:40] The origins of The Fighter Diet. [26:38] What does a typical day of eating look like? [30:01] Why the best diet for you is the one you will do your WHOLE life. [37:44] How to be in ketosis the RIGHT way. [42:34] Does she take any digestive enzymes? [46:44] Are there any foods she avoids? [48:00] Why she eats a high protein diet. [50:17] Why beginners are her favorite crowd to work with. [54:02] The misconceptions around training. [55:34] How she trains now to stay pain-free and healthy. [59:08] Her mindset behind recovery tools and anti-aging. [1:08:16] How she uses THC to shut off her brain at night. [1:13:39] Keeping things simple with Body by Pauline. [1:19:01] This episode is brought to you by BiOptimizers.  kApex is THE most affordable, highly effective way to supercharge your transformation, shed excess weight, and gives you focused energy and drive for 6-10 hours.    Go to www.kenergize.com/jay to order yours and receive 20% off your order with the coupon code JAY20.    This episode is also brought to you by Vincero Watches.  Obsessively designed to make a bold statement, Vincero makes watches that can match your hustle!   Their watches aren’t your cookie-cutter, minimalist design.  Every collection has a distinct look and quality you can feel without the outrageous prices you’d normally expect to pay.    If you’re looking for the perfect time piece that will have you looking great and feeling unstoppable click HERE to order your Vincero watch today.  Use the promo code “Jay15” for 15% off your order.  

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