EE 056: Invest in Yourself and Your Capabilities with Tobin Foulke

07.15.2021 - By Endless Endeavor with Greg Anderson

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In Episode 056 I sit down once again with Tobin Foulke to discuss EDC or Every Day Carry. EDC is something that has gained the attention of everyday Americans due to the volatile political and social landscape that has swept across this nation over the last 18 months. Be it the riots, COVID, government overreach etc., many people are drawing the conclusions that a certain level of preparedness is a necessary move. I know guys like Mike Glover and Greg Lapin that has invested a substantial amount of time and resources into preparedness and capabilities, and I can tell you it’s not from a place of fear, but quite the opposite. In the event of a natural disaster or political unrest, taking a few necessary steps ahead of time will actually combat fear and anxiety as you are sufficiently prepared to face the situation. Toby Foulke and I were both Army Rangers and capable men, but we are both new to the journey of overall preparedness and not being a subject matter expert, I thought it would be a fun episode to walk this journey together as we discuss the changes we’ve made and what we are putting a high amount of importance on. It's more than just guns and ammo, it’s an overall approach to life. Please enjoy Episode 056 of the Endless Endeavor Podcast.   --- Connect with me on Instagram: @granderson33 Check out my Episode resources: LMNT for a free variety sample pack just pay $5 shipping here in the US. Use code ENDLESS to get 20% off gear and apparel at!  Visit, check out their product line and use coupon code ENDLESS for 10% off. Save 15% with coupon code ENDLESS when you snag your delicious order at If you enjoy the show, make sure to give the Endless Endeavor Podcast a rating via your favorite audio platform OR on YouTube here:!

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