EE 064: Life is Happening “For You" Not “To You" with Johnny Mack

09.09.2021 - By Endless Endeavor with Greg Anderson

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In Episode 064 I’m joined by Johnny Mack. Johnny and I met by chance at a pet store a few weeks back and immediately enjoyed each other’s energy. Johnny redefined his life and his goals when he decided to pursue hunting as a passion, through his journey of hunting he has become a better and more capable version of himself. Professionally Johnny is a public-school teacher, and he goes into great detail on why he believes the public education system is broken. He, like many Americans, is facing termination for choosing to not be vaccinated but he is willing to stand up and face termination for his beliefs. Please enjoy Episode 064 of the Endless Endeavor Podcast. --- Connect with Johnny on: Instagram: @the_real_johnny_mack Podcast Instagram: @thesoulfulhunterpodcast Website: Connect with me on: Instagram: @granderson33 Email: [email protected] Check out my Jiu Jitsu website: Electric North Jiu Jitsu and Endless Endeavor Merchandise Episode resources: LMNT for a free variety sample pack just pay $5 shipping here in the US Visit, check out their product line and use coupon code ENDLESS for 10% off. Save 15% with coupon code ENDLESS when you snag your delicious order at Moya Brand Coupon ENDLESS 20% off. If you enjoy the show, make sure to give the Endless Endeavor Podcast a rating via your favorite audio platform OR on YouTube here:!

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