Ep. 105- Food Reward, Cals in Vs Cals Out, & The Brain & Diet Connection with Stephan Guyenet

11.27.2019 - By UpliftFit Nutrition

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Please welcome guest Stephan Guyenet, PhD, author of "The Hungry Brain" and expert onthe neuroscience of eating behavior and obesity!!

Just a few highlights from what we discuss:
-Food reward & palatability: how this powers choices & food habits
-Food Reward and the case for “addiction”- does it truly exist?
-Dopamine and the brain- the case for how food impacts our brain and the drive for food
-Artificial Sweeteners vs Sugar - does this change food reward? (IE does Halo Top vs Ben and Jerry's make a difference with food reward)
-The low fat vs low carb debate- the factors that influence results within research and outcomes (protein intake, satiety of fat)
-The carbohydrate insulin model - let it die.
-Calories in vs calories out- where inflammation, gut health, circadian rhythms, and hormone balance also matter
-Genetic Testing for Nutrition

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