Half Size Me

By Heather A. Robertson

What's Half Size Me about?

The Half Size Me™ Show is a weekly podcast focused on helping you lose weight and get healthy in a real, sustainable, and maintainable way. Host Heather Robertson interviews real people who share their inspirational stories of weight loss and maintenance. Along with real world tools, resources, and tips to help you achieve your own weight loss and wellness goals, you'll get your questions answers in the Ask Coach Heather sessions. So, whether you're just getting started losing weight, already a maintainer, or somewhere in between, The Half Size Me™ Show is for you!

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How To Reach An Achievable ...


In episode 473 of The Half Size Me Show, Heather talks with Teresa about how to reach an achievable weight and * how much weight she’s lost since 2014 * what happened when she went on a Mediterranean cruise * ...

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