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In this Q&A; episode I cover exactly what you need to know in order to get jacked. Everything from frequency to volume to sets, reps, intensity and more.    Of course, I think everyone should train like an athlete and in a way that leaves you "always ready." So I cover what you need to do to ensure that you stay explosive and athletic as you get older.    Topics include:   How many days per week should you lift?  How many times per week should you train each muscle? What's the ideal number of sets?  High reps or low reps for muscle growth? What are the exercises that you need to be doing? What's the biggest misconception about training after 40?  What's the one big mistake everyone makes? What exercises should you go heavy on? What exercises should you go light on? How much cardio and the ideal timing? How to improve your goblet squat? How to reduce wrist pain? Intermittent fasting and keto?   This episode is brought to you by Vincero Watches.  Obsessively designed to make a bold statement, Vincero makes watches that can match your hustle!   Their watches aren’t your cookie-cutter, minimalist design.  Every collection has a distinct look and quality you can feel without the outrageous prices you’d normally expect to pay.    If you’re looking for the perfect time piece that will have you looking great and feeling unstoppable go to to order your Vincero watch today.  Use the promo code “Jay15” for 15% off your order.    This episode is also brought to you by BiOptimizers.  kApex is THE most affordable, highly effective way to supercharge your transformation, shed excess weight, and gives you focused energy and drive for 6-10 hours.    Go to to order yours and receive 20% off your order with the coupon code JAY20.    This episode is brought to you by Renegade Strong.  If you want to build a lean, jacked and strong body with short workouts you can do at home, Renegade Strong is exactly what you need.   Go to  and join the thousands of people who've built the body of their dreams without turning their life upside down to get it.

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