Hydrogen Water - The New Water Craze You Need To Know Of

03.30.2021 - By Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine

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Hydrogen water has a lot of miraculous benefits to the human body. Even people with diabetes typically experience normalization of glucose levels within three to five days of drinking it. Juanique's tremor has reduced by ninety percent three days after installing it in their home. People who visit Dr. Paul's booth at trade shows who couldn't hold a glass of six to eight ounces of water come back to him with their hands still after ten minutes of consuming it. His wife, who was in extreme menstrual cycle pain and was anemic, is now free from all of those discomforts. Again, thanks to hydrogen water. But, how does it help heal a human body? In this episode, Dr. Paul Barattiero, a certified naturopathic doctor and the CEO and founder of Synergy Science, discusses its mechanisms and success stories showing its power to heal. Listen as he tells about the places on Earth where you can naturally get water with hydrogen gas and find out where you can buy Echo Water machines for you and your family.

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