Mastering Coaching Skills

By Lindsay Dotzlaf

What's Mastering Coaching Skills about?

If you want to compete in the coaching industry, you need to be GOOD at coaching.

But there are some things you simply couldn’t know when you were training to be a coach - and while it’s tempting to keep studying, take another course, or dive into a certification program, you really need to build the practical skills and confidence to handle whatever your clients throw at you.

Each week life coach Lindsay Dotzlaf shares stories, tips and advice to continually develop your skills as a coach. She knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and anxious about coaching in the moment, and will teach you why shifting your mindset around your own abilities as a coach will make all the difference.

If you’ve got clients but want to become the absolute best coach you can be, you’ll find answers, advice and support here. Learn more at!

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152. When You Want to Quit ...


This week I'm joined by my friend and colleague, Dielle Charon. She is a sales coach for Women of Color, and she has a ton of valuable insights to share about how to stay in the coaching industry when it ...

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