Protect Your Career From Coronavirus

03.30.2020 - By The Love, Happiness and Success Podcast With Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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ADVICE FROM A CAREER COACH | In addition to everything else in your life being upended by the coronavirus pandemic, you probably have a slew of new "coronavirus career anxieties" in addition to the usual coronavirus anxiety that's buzzing inside everyone right now. Many people are very worried about their career future right now. Many jobs have been lost to coronavirus, and with the threat of recession, there may be more layoffs to come. (Read: Coping With a Layoff) For those among us lucky enough to have stable employment, we now figure out how to maintain our professionalism via online video meetings, work from home while balancing childcare, homeschooling and more. In times like these it's absolutely normal to be worried about work, and help is here. Advice From a Career Coach Today I've tapped a couple of my career coaching colleagues to discuss important questions like:  What to do if you lost your job How to get a bridge job right now if you need one How to use this time to develop yourself professionally and make long term career plans How to protect your long-term career goals from coronavirus, if they're getting derailed right now Managing anxiety about your career Best practices when working from home for online video meetings Balancing work and life when you're working from home And more!   Join us for some timely coronavirus career advice on this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast. xoxo, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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