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What's RunPod about?

Welcome to RunPod, the weekly run club you can join simply by listening. In this series Jenni Falconer welcomes special guests who share that passion for running. Together they’ll discuss the challenge, reward and sometimes obsession of pounding the pavement whilst asking what drives us to run, why some catch the bug more than others, and how it can transform the lives of those who do it. Along the way, you'll hear top training tips, monumental mistakes and some inspirational stories. So, whether you’re a seasoned marathoner, treadmill trainer, fitness guru or simply putting off that Sunday jog, RunPod is here for you.

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Sean Conway


This episode of RunPod is about challenging yourself as Jenni is joined by adventurer and runner, Sean Conway. For Sean it is about the 3 Fs: the first, going the furthest and the fastest. So with that in mind, Sean ...

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