Shifting From Emotional To Intuitive Eating

07.04.2022 - By The Love, Happiness and Success Podcast With Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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Eating is one of the most basic ways we care for ourselves every day. But having an unhealthy relationship with food can leave you feeling stressed, emotionally drained, and bad about yourself, rather than nourished, energized and empowered.    Unfortunately, many of us have a fraught relationship with food. Emotional eating, shame, and anxiety around food or body image, and negative cultural messages about what we “should” be doing or how we “should” look, can get in the way of mindful, compassionate, and self-aware eating practices.    Intuitive eating is all about listening to yourself, trusting yourself, and having a positive relationship with the food that nourishes your body and brings you pleasure.    Today we're talking about how to shift from emotional to intuitive eating with an intuitive eating counselor who’s sharing some radical wisdom for making peace with food and your body. Tune in to learn all about:    [03:53] Emotional eating   [07:32] Unhealthy relationships with food   [17:06] Changing your relationship with food   [23:29] Adopting healthier coping mechanisms   And much more.     With love,    Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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