The Better Life Project™

By Kelsey Van Kirk

What's The Better Life Project™ about?

I believe we were created to live on purpose, and that living on purpose doesn’t have to be so hard. I’m Kelsey Van Kirk, and this is the Simply, Life on Purpose podcast, where women learn to find freedom, joy and fulfillment by simplifying their lives + creating space for what matters most. From faith, mindset and wellness, to marriage, motherhood and homemaking, to habits, productivity and business - we cover it all. So pop those earbuds in and get ready to be refreshed and inspired to simply live....on purpose!

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A Guide to Setting Healthy ...


If you’re anything like me, setting, communicating, and upholding healthy boundaries can feel really confusing, daunting and uncomfortable, especially if you don’t have much experience doing it. But having good boundaries in place is so important for the sake of ...

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