Ep. 102- The Skin and Diet Connection- The Root Cause of Skin Conditions with Jennifer Fugo

10.10.2019 - By UpliftFit Nutrition

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In this episode, my guest Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS, and I dive into the connection between skin and the diet & root causes of common skin conditions.

Some of the key points in this conversation include:
-What skin issues mean- why they can't be ignored!
-Skin rashes and nutrition- common root causes (ex. eczema and psoriasis)
-Nutrient deficiencies and skin
-Food intolerances, overgrowths, dysbiosis and skin
-Could food poisoning be what could have impacted your skin and gut health?
-SIBO & skin- conenction in overexercising & undereating
-Low stomach acid home test- why stomach acid matters!
-Importance of getting OFF your workout clothes as soon as you can & washing (PLUS what to wash with!!)
-Acne- what can be the root cause of non hormonal acne flares?
-The trauma and mental health that can come with skin conditions
-My own hair loss story
-Nutrients to focus on for healthy skin care!

My info:
Website: www.upliftfit.org
Instagram: www.instagram.com/faithandfit and www.instagram.com/upliftfitnutrition
Twitter: twitter.com/laceyadunn
Email: [email protected]

Jennifer's info:
Website: www.Skinterrupt.com & https://www.jenniferfugo.com
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jenniferfugo

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