Transformational breathwork - Richard Blake #249

12.02.2019 - By Zestology: Live with energy, vitality and motivation

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On this podcast, I receive a transformational breathwork session.  We had a session and then recorded a podcast straight after. I was a bit spaced out as it was a deep experience. Richard Blake uses bio-hacking and breathwork in a combination of ancient wisdom, personal spirituality and modern science to help people to transform their lives. His studies of psychotherapy, holistic counselling, nutrition, Reiki, health coaching and functional fitness have given him a holistic understanding of people. By working on a combination of the mind, body and spirit people are able to heal without neglecting one aspect of themselves that would prevent them from realizing their potential. Richard offers 1-1 breathwork sessions along with holistic counselling for integration and advanced health coaching from Hammersmith. He’s also into + 15 minutes daily on the Joovv redlight + the human charger + standing on the grounding mat + neurofeedback with the Muse Meditation headband.... And lots more… so we had plenty to discuss. Check out for more.  

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