1626: Wine Drinking, CBO Finisher, Feels Like Choking, Feet Are Cold, Yeast Under Control, Is Cassava Safe, Kidney Issues, Myomin (HouseCall)

07.19.2020 - By The Cabral Concept

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Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend! I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks… Let’s get started!    Marina: Hi Dr Cabral. I will be finishing the CBO protocol soon and I am a bit scared of integrating the foods that are not in the sensitive guide on a daily basis. Should I be scared about having too much of other foods such as cauliflower, watermelon, mushrooms and any other food that is not listed? I really don’t want to live my life scared about all of these great vegetables/fruits. I am the typical person that can get very paranoid and think that my candida will come back. What are your thoughts on that? Also, I’m not a big drinker but I go out for dinner occasionally and I do enjoy ordering a bottle of wine with my partner. Should I still limit 1 glass of wine per week for the rest of my life to avoid getting yeast overgrowth again? Everything feels so restricted please help! Susan: Hello Dr Cabral, thank you so much for all that you do. You are truly a blessing in our lives. My question is: Why is it that we have to wait until we finish the Candida and bacterial overgrowth protocol before starting the gut rebuilding protocol? Is it because it is virtually impossible to rebuild our gut wall until all the pathogens are eradicated? Katie: I did the organic acids test and hair/tissue mineral analysis test last October 2019. My organic acids test came back great and my minerals test came back with some low minerals but overall great. Recently I have started to get allergy like symptoms and acid reflux which is worse at night to the point I can't sleep and feel like I'm chocking. Do you have a recommended test? I was gonna try the apple cider vinegar too. How many times per day is that recommended. Don: Hi Dr.Cabral, what is the reason my feet are cold even in the summer, when rest of my body is warm? Thanks.Love your book and podcast. Lindsey: Hello Dr Cabral - as always thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I recently ran the big 5 labs and found out that I have quite a bit of yeast and bacterial overgrowth - and leaky gut because of that. I also had high cortisol and with all of the combination of my results was told I am in a constant fight-or-flight mode and have adrenal fatigue. My food sensitivity looked pretty good at first glance, except it was explained that my immune system has been stressed for so long that it has lowered my reactivity to foods so my sensitivities are not showing on the test. I do not have any symptoms of leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, yeast or cortisol, except maybe some brain fog. My digestion is great, no bloating or gas even. I actually thought I had my stress under control and I even took the test during quarantine when my stress was quite low.I am currently parasite cleansing then on to CBO and other supplements from my recommended personalized plan.SO - my question is - if I feel so good and I didn't have any signs of these problems, how will I know when my yeast, cortisol and gut is fixed, or that I am not in fight-or-flight mode? I am now cautious about fasting, and timing of exercise. Also when can I re-test my food sensitivities to get an accurate result? Nancy: Hello Dr. Cabral, I recently tried the Siete brand cassava wraps thanks to you! I love all of your food brand suggestions. My dad is planning on starting the cbo protocol when summer ends and we were wondering if he can eat cassava? We don't see it on the sensitive gut guide but it seems to be gluten-free. Thank you! Mio: Hi Dr Cabral, I am asking this for a friend of mine. I think you would be the only person who may have some insight or idea of what to do for her. She’s 29y/o, quite healthy, has positive outlook on life and in great shape. When she was 14 she took half a bottle of ibuprofen and ended up having the Dr at the hospital give her charcoal to get it out and save her. A year and half later after she was fine and had no issues her kidney started failing. They found she needed a kidney transplant later on. Since then she’s been doing Hemo dialysis 3x a week at the hospital and has (can’t write whole name because I don’t know) FSGS kidney condition. She also has O negative blood. She got a kidney transplant in 2012 but within 48 hours it failed. They don’t know why. She’s doing fine now but I myself have had many issues (severe colitis and other skin issues) that I managed to fix with your advice and thought maybe you had something or knew of something she could do. I know you’re not able to prescribe or give advice but have you seen this before? Have you had experience with people in the same situation? I was hoping I could share it with her. I know it’ll take 12 or more weeks to hear back but that’s okay, I listen to every episode so I’ll be waiting to hear back, no rush! Thank you! 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