Colin Jackson CBE

06.18.2021 - By RunPod

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Colin Jackson’s been in the public eye since he was a teenager, he’s had a hugely successful career as a sprinter and hurdler with some incredibly impressive world records.
In this episode Colin explains race start-line tactics, the ‘dip’ at the finish line and how it can all go very wrong with a touch of over-confidence.
Jenni and Colin take a look at some of the real issues affecting athletes heading out to Tokyo for the Olympic Games and touch on the pressure of being at the top of your game. They also discuss the negative impact of all that training and the upcoming medical treatment Colin now requires.
Throughout the episode Colin offers great tips from his years of experience not only as a phenomenal athlete but also as a top trainer and coach.
A truly wonderful listen with a lovely man, a brilliant coach and someone who remained unbeaten for almost 3 decades. Enjoy

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