Save Your Sanity - Help for Toxic Relationships

By Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

What's Save Your Sanity - Help for Toxic Relationships about?

The Save Your Sanity podcast offers episodes filled with the expert insights, validation, strategies, and support you need to recognize, manage, and recover from relationships with the relentlessly difficult, toxic--and often disturbing--people that host Dr. Rhoberta Shaler calls Hijackals®. 
She offers invaluable help to stop the second-guessing, undermining, and crazy-making traits, patterns, and cycles you have encountered in relationships with folks like those. Understand the ways, whys, and hows that verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and spiritual abuse affect you over time. Whether the Hijackal is a partner, parent, ex, or colleague, what you will learn here will strengthen and empower you to step up, speak up, and stand up for yourself in healthy, assertive ways.
Many Hijackals have behaviors that are considered the same as those who are diagnosed as narcissists, borderlines, psychopaths, sociopaths, and histrionic personality disorder. These insights will help you to make the changes--and good decisions--to move from pain to power, and that's exactly what you want to do! Listen now.  Finding value in this content? Support us on Patreon.Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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How Having a Narcissistic M...


Male and female children are differently treated--and affected--by having a narcissistic mother. SO many things you may never have thought much about! This episode will help you think in different ways about the long-term effects that having a Hijackal mother ...

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