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By Shane Ramer

What's That Sober Guy Podcast about?

Sober Guy Radio focuses on living a positive, healthy, sober lifestyle. Stop drinking, stop using, and start living. Featured guests include: Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, Wes Geer of HED PE & Korn, Paul Gilmartin of The Mental Illness Happy Hour, Tripp Lanier of The New Man Podcast, Omar Pinto of The SHAIR Podcast, Paul Churchill of The Recovery Elevator, Larry Hagner of The Good Dad Project, Tripp Kramer of the How to Talk to Girls Podcast, and more. Contact Shane at [email protected]

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TSG Ep386 - Nick Rucker


Nick Rucker is a United States Army veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Nick is also a country music writer & musician based out of Omaha, Nebraska you can check out Nicks music at or follow him on Instagram ...

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