2 Sober Girls Podcast

2 Sober Girls Podcast

By Erinn + Michaela

What's 2 Sober Girls Podcast about?

Welcome to 2 Sober Girls Podcast – where sobriety meets wellness, spirituality, and a sexy, fun, and fulfilling life. Join hosts Michaela Horvathova, a health coach, business coach, and meditation guide, along with Erinn O'Neill, a health coach and sobriety mentor, as they lead you on a transformative journey towards empowerment, joy, and fulfillment.. alcohol-free.

Explore a variety of paths to sobriety as we seamlessly merge AA principles, wellness practices, and spirituality. Our podcast is for people at every stage of their journey, providing insights, stories, and actionable tips to navigate the exciting possibilities of an alcohol-free life.

For those craving personalized support, we offer one-on-one coaching, Sober Girls Mastermind, and digital programs tailored to your unique needs.

Are you organizing an event or conference? Invite us to speak and inspire your audience with the life-changing benefits of adopting an alcohol-free lifestyle. Connect with us on Instagram @2SoberGirlsPodcast for daily doses of motivation and community support.

Send us a DM with any questions, comments or topic ideas. We love to hear from you!!

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Join our SOBER GIRLS MASTERMIND if you'd like help to overcome your addiction, and heal your body and mind. This mastermind is for sober and sober curious women, that opens the door to exclusive training, monthly mastermind calls, resources, private group chat and sobriety support from Erinn and Michaela.

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