TLS #290: How I Magically Flowed to a New Home + Career Unfolding on My 34th Birthday

10.18.2018 - By The Lively Show

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This Monday marks my 34th birthday. And one week prior, my Inner Being “flowed” me to the most unexpected and magical unfolding of the year: a new home, a new career direction, and a new level of contribution beyond my wildest dreams.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing all of the real deal, behind-the-scenes details that have unfolded in the past year which have led to my life in Sydney, all that has unfolded this summer traveling, and now where I’m heading in November and the foreseeable future.

The alignment, the resistance, the flow, the obstacles… I’m sharing it all in a candid, honest, open way.

I am beyond amazed at the alignment, the unfolding, and the magic that has gone into the circumstances which lined up to make this happen. And a huge part of this magic required my mind’s willingness to surrender, let go, and allow… which will hopefully prove as a case study in what it actually looks like to do just that in your own life - in you own way - as well.

Let’s go to the show. : )




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Jess tells us the history of how she came to live in Sydney the the evolution for her life over the past few years.

She discusses the differences between herself throughout each season of The Lively Show.

Jess describes how flow has brought her to where she is today.

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