TLS #309: Introducing my newest live class, “Magic, Not Manual”

03.07.2019 - By The Lively Show

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In today’s TLS I’m sharing my newest live class, Magic, Not Manual, with you -- which is designed to help you begin to create and manifest in your life beyond your mind’s abilities, limitations, and resistance.

After working with over a thousand students worldwide via Flow With Intention Online, and exploring the powers of brain states to create the life we want through Cschool... I’ve been diving into the practice of manifesting beyond our minds.

And I want to share this next evolution of conscious, less-mind manifesting with you.

We are going to be teaching this course live on April 6th in Pittsburgh, and if your intuition feels it’s a fit, I’m excited to work with you -- and for you to meet everyone else who joins us from the FWIO community!

Let’s go to the show. : )

PS: To join us at Magic, Not Manual on April 6th, click here.



[Tweet "“The ego is an identity created in the mind" - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“Your own wellness is what improves and creates the wellness of the universe. " - @JessCLively"]

Jess talks about her current travels and what’s been going on lately over the past few weeks.

She tells us how she’s been playing life differently

Jess discusses the three things of who we are: 1. The Ego Identity, 2. The Inner Voice 3. Pure conciseness.   

Jess reviews what to look forward to in the new class,  Magic, Not Manual

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