TLS #275: Q+A: Your Alignment Questions Answered

04.26.2018 - By The Lively Show

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Today’s TLS is a fun one... I’m going really deep into some of the finer points of alignment.

(And yes, as FWIO members will guess, “chocolate for breakfast” is included.) ; )

I’m answering the questions you’ve asked on Instagram about this very essential subject. This includes things like routine, consistent alignment, alignment with and without a schedule, intuition vs. “Joe,” and what alignment looks like when you are in a very low state.

Plus, I’m sharing how I believe our creative alignment time will often (but not always) spark new chapters in our relationships, career, and much more.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to go into the deeper aspects of alignment, and learn more about how they can access alignment in a moment-to-moment basis.




[Tweet "“Alignment is feeling good in the present moment." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“The answers you need for your situation are in you." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“You can’t give what you don’t have." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“You are a growth seeking being." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“You have to stay alert and aware to what’s bringing you alignment now." - @JessCLively"]

What exactly is alignment, and how do you get into it? What is the daily practice?

What tips do you have about getting into alignment on a consistent basis?

What do you do to flow between your alignment activities before work and work?

Describe the difference between being in alignment and channeling Joe? Is Joe the same as you intuition and if not, how do they differ?

How do you push through the fear when taking that quantum leap?

Any suggestions to listen to my intuition?

What advice can you give about thinking a scary, negative thought, even when I’m at a high vibration?

How do you handle the feeling of not being ready to handle the things I’m manifesting in my life?

What do you recommend taking with you or doing to prepare for an Abraham Hicks event.

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Flow with Intention
Abraham Hicks
Writing to your Intuition
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