Coping With Ghosting

Coping With Ghosting

By Gretta

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What's Coping With Ghosting about?

This podcast provides hope, healing, and understanding for anyone who has been ghosted. What is ghosting? Imagine sharing a connection with someone: a dating match, significant other, friend, family member, or even a business partner - but one day - they disappear out of thin air. Texts, calls, and emails go unanswered. You know this person is still alive, yet they have vanished from your life; they have “ghosted” you. This podcast is dedicated to helping people who have been affected by somebody's disappearing act. It explores ghosting, relationships, abandonment, grief, self-care, closure and more. Hosted by Gretta - a sensitive soul who has been ghosted one too many times. Intro and Outro Song: Ghosted by Gustavo Zaiah. Visit or connect on social @copingwithghosting Disclaimer: This podcast is not a substitute for professional mental help or therapy. 

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