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What's A Mindful Moment about?

Hey there! We are Teresa McKee and Melissa Sims, your hosts of A Mindful Moment. Our podcast is here to help you practice a more mindful life and enjoy the many benefits of mindfulness! At a time when change is constant and we are pulled in too many directions, our mental health needs some love. We need a way to stay present to life and to increase our ability to remain calm, think clearly and maintain our well-being. We chat with each other about our failures and successes in mindfulness, we interview experts and authors in the field of mental health, and also guide you through some wonderful meditations. Mindfulness improves our mental, emotional and physical health, so we hope you give it a shot!

The podcast hosts are a mother-daughter duo - Teresa has a master’s degree in psychology, is a certified mindfulness meditation facilitator, a transformation coach and the CEO of Work2Live Well. Melissa is a yoga teacher, a transformation coach, and the Program Director for Work2Live Well. We've been delivering new episodes weekly since 2019, and hope you come along the journey with us! Let's Grow!

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