Plantbased, Not Perfect

Plantbased, Not Perfect

By Elizabeth Coe

Alternative Health

What's Plantbased, Not Perfect about?

The Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast is all about striving to be our healthiest selves, while living in the real world. With a master's degree in Technical Writing, Elizabeth explains complicated health topics in a format that is easy to digest. After her mom almost died from congestive heart failure caused by a root canal infection, Elizabeth became passionate about living a healthy lifestyle free from disease. This led her into the plantbased world and eventually inspired her to create #plantbasednotperfect - a sustainable way of living a plant-centric life that doesn't strive for perfection - just encourages making healthier choices to help achieve optimal health. Podcast topics range from health and wellness, plantbased studies and interviews, to food and finances, emotional and mental health, skincare and everything in between.

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