361: Balancing Business, Purpose, Friends, and Play with Libby Crow

04.29.2019 - By Earn Your Happy

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In This Episode You Will Learn About: Shedding old identities How Libby has pivoted The masculine and the feminine in business Identifying what you want What Libby is excited about in her life right now What to do if you’re just starting out Setting the expectations for yourself + your business The drama triangle Giving and receiving feedback Handling rejection and disappointment Libby’s first book + her writing experience Using food as a teacher and a tool Libby’s relationship with alcohol Her sensitivity to animals   Resources: Learn more: libbycrow.com Instagram: @libbycrow Listen: Behind The Dream Podcast Facebook: Behind The Dream The Bliss Project 2020 Learn more: powerful-u.com code TRIBE for $100 tickets!   Show Notes: I created this podcast because I truly wanted create something that held me accountable to having the connections that I desired in my life, and have them more often. Today’s guest, Libby Crow reminded me of my why. Libby Crow is a global mentor for entrepreneurs helping them grow their businesses and their minds. This conversation with Libby was so great, and we cover so much! She’s dedicated to helping entrepreneurs raise their vibration, in turn raising the planet’s vibration, and you can truly feel that as she speaks. Enjoy this one!   Question Highlights: Where have you recently pivoted? Do you think the hustle was necessary for your journey? What do you do when it’s empty season for you? For those in their beginning season, what would you say to her? How do we get out of the drama triangle? What is a challenge or struggle you are facing in your life right now? How do you not rely on food or alcohol when you’re out socially? What do people need to know about stepping into their dream and what that’s important?   Libby Crow is a global mentor for entrepreneurs helping them grow their businesses and their minds. She is the founder of LC International, a marketing strategy company for digital consultants, and Co-Founder of The Daily Shift, a personal development company for aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs alike. She’s dedicated to helping entrepreneurs see the journey as a bridge to raising the vibration of the planet and then later as a portal for giving back philanthropically. Earn Your Happy is a production of Crate Media

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