Probably a Podcast

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What's Probably a Podcast about?

Shannon Ford isn't here to inspire you or help you better yourself in any way... but she can guarantee you'll laugh.. either with her or at her. She covers everything from her year-long stint as a reality TV "villain" to pop culture to what happens when you have everything in your life going great and then the bottom drops out and you gotta figure it the fuck out. Buckle up and come along for the ride as she tries to navigate being hella alone in her 20's.

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Ep 64: Unwell, Unhinged and...


Episodes with Taylor are always special, but this is an EXTRA special week because (drum roll…) PROBABLY A LIVE SHOW IS COMING SOON! Mark your calendars! August 4th at City Winery in Nashville, tickets go on sale Friday, June 9 ...

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