The Ziglar Show

By Kevin Miller

What's The Ziglar Show about?

Why do some people achieve and succeed and some do not? We are all capable of more, so what causes some to believe it and make progress toward our desires, while others get stuck? Zig Ziglar is acclaimed as the world’s premier motivator and in this show, host Kevin Miller and Ziglar star co-hosts continue the legacy by bringing you today’s top world influencers and deciphering what brought them from “zero to hero”. What do they attribute their early desire to? What did they have to do to grow that desire? How did they overcome the challenges of their lives? Listen and get massively awakened, inspired and equipped to move beyond your current reality.

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888: The Values We Most Value


Zig Ziglar cites a study done by the Thomas Jefferson Center where they compiled the top 15 values common in all the world’s great civilizations and religions. The values were: Wisdom, integrity, love, freedom, justice, courage, humility, patience, industriousness, thriftiness, ...

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