601: Does Your Life Feel as Good As It Looks? from The Ed Mylett Show

09.19.2022 - By The Goal Digger Podcast

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Are you faking your life? Or are you really living it? I’m here to bring you into a conversation about this that I got to have with one of my most REAL, authentic friends of all time, Ed Mylett. As a major leader in the entrepreneurial and self-transformation space, he invited me to pull up a seat with him on his podcast, The Ed Mylett Show, to really unpack what we think goes into a life that doesn’t just LOOK good or check all the boxes —- but a life that FEELS good and true to who we are. 
In this conversation, Ed and I talk about how to shove off distractions, false expectations, and anything else that would hold us back from living in the most whole state of being. How do we reconnect to ourselves, mind body and soul, and learn how to weed out what doesn’t belong?
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