Ep 163 ft. Jonathan Albrecht: Our Ayahuasca Journey As a Couple! (Best of the Show!)

10.16.2019 - By The Balanced Blonde // Soul On Fire

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Best of the Show! As The Balanced Blonde is on hiatus, today Jordan is re-releasing this incredible episode with her fiance, Jonathan Albrecht. In May Jordan and Jonathan went on an Ayahuasca journey together. Jonathan’s a private kind of dude and doesn’t come on the podcast very often, but Jordan really wanted him to come on and talk about his experience with Ayahuasca plant medicine, especially because it was his first time taking it. In this episode they chat about their key takeaways from the experience, in particular how Jordan came to see herself with nothing but love and Jonathan arrived at a better understanding of death and his family heritage. Jordan hopes you learn a lot from this episode, whether it’s your first time listening to it or whether you’re listening to it again.

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