Booked & Busy With Rickey Thompson

01.13.2020 - By Too Tired To Be Crazy with Violet Benson

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we start 2020 big with my favorite human RICKY THOMPSON!!We discuss everything from his career, getting dick, boys that made us feel less than beautiful that were leaving in 2019, our zodiac signs, and finding love.Ricky also gets into how at one point he felt like he lost it all and was giving up and how 2019 completely changed his life and put him back on the map, how he started, what motivates him, his biggest insecurity, and manifesting what we want.We end the episode with coming out stories, being black and gay, getting bullied, advice, bottoms vs tops, needing to be liked, battling depression, and more!!!Follow Ricky Thompson on instagram: to our youtube channel at:'t forget to leave a review and I'll see you next Thursday!!! <3

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